Christopher Hitchens v Douglas Wilson: FIGHT!

Christopher Hitchens v Douglas Wilson: FIGHT!

Entitled, ‘A Collision of Lives’ I have to admit that I found this documentary fascinating, not because of the level of debate (average) but because of the personal, behind the scenes glimpses, of discussion between the two men. There is a lot of ‘to-ing & fro-ing’ in terms of putting forward views, as there should be in these things. I just felt it was well handled and not overly aggressive from either side. A wonderful documentary, with a particularly poignant admission from Hitchens right at the death. It is well worth taking 90 minutes to sit and watch it. I loved the little Dawkins anecdote at the end which only confirms my suspicion that he is a muppet. 🙂


Take a look here at an interview with Hitchen’s brother, Peter, on his view of atheism and belief in God. Take a read here. Here’s what he says about the death of a loved one:

Death is the great reminder that this life is limited, and that it may not be the end. For most of our lives, we behave as if this is not so. It is only when death touches those close to us that we are forced into this understanding, especially in a modern world where death is kept at a distance, ignored, undiscussed, and shuffled off into corners.

Christ is risen.