Interviews with Planters

Interviews with Planters

20 Schemes Shout Out On TGC Blog!

I was encouraged to see Thabiti Anyabwile give a shout out to the work of 20Schemes on his blog recently. Check it out here. We are praying for a new wave of gospel workers and church planters to come and help us establish healthy, gospel centred churches in Scotland’s housing schemes.

Church Planting Resources

Here are some resources from the Geneva Push 2011 Conference. As with all things, this is not a wholehearted recommendation for all of the content. But it is worth a perusal. Click here.

Church Planting Opportunity In Northern Edinburgh!

Niddrie Community Church, as part of our 20Schemes initiative, are currently involved in a year-long assessment of the viability of a church plant in West Pilton, one of  Edinburgh’s toughest housing schemes. Here is a short film highlighting the needs of this work. FYI: I am very happy in…

Leave Rap To The Experts Saddos!!

Just to prove that (c)rapness knows no cultural bounds! [youtube=] OK…this has been a ‘stop doing rap if it’s not your gig’ week. Indeed, what is worse is when churches think they’re cool by doing it as some sort of marketing tool to reach non Christians. They just think you’re tragic and very,…

Church Planting Apprenticeship Programmes

More and more churches are now offering apprenticeships specifically for church planters rather than for preaching/pastoral ministry per se. I think that this can only be a good thing. At Niddrie we are starting off with our first planting trainee as of September and we are hoping to encourage more and more trainees over the years as we seek to address the need for more…

One Gospel Conviction But Two different Outlooks on Outreach!

Can the outlooks of two generations coexist in one church? James Merritt, 59, serves as senior pastor of Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, Georgia. His son, Jonathan Merritt, 29, joined the church staff in 2008. In many respects, they couldn’t be more different. James represents the Boomer…

Church Planting in Belfast!

I got this little video from Vimeo as I wait to publish a fuller interview of Lucas on the blog soon. It doesn’t give loads of details but it does two things: (1) It at least shows his mug and a little about his vision and (2) it introduces Acts 29WE, and organisation I am going to blog about shortly. Bottom line: He’s a church planter and we love those!!…
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