Building healthy gospel centred churches for Scotland’s poorest communities through church planting and revitalisation

Opinions on housing schemes differ depending on your life history and experience of them. To some they are places of terror, to some places of hopelessness, but to many million more, they are home.

We believe that the biggest need, most urgent crisis, and most crippling poverty in schemes is spiritual. Most people living in Scotland’s schemes are spiritually dead, trapped, lost, unreached and unengaged by the church.

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The gospel alone changes lives

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We desire to see Scotland’s housing schemes transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ by planting gospel centred churches, being led by a new generation of indigenous church leaders.

We believe that building healthy, gospel preaching churches in Scotland’s poorest communities will bring true renewal to Scotland’s schemes.

How will we do this?

1. Identify 20 schemes as priority areas.
2. Identify, where possible, church revitalisation partners in those schemes.
3. Recruit church planters, female outreach workers, and ministry apprentices to send into those schemes.
4. Develop church partners to support and resource our work in the schemes.
5. Invest in indigenous leaders by providing training, resources and support.

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