The Death of Christopher Hitchens

The Death of Christopher Hitchens

This is a blog about inner city church planters and so it may be a surprise to find something on the death of the so-called intellectual secularist. Despite his views I did admire his way of talking and his unflinching belief in his own unbelief. You can read a biography of his life from a Christian perspective here.

I hope he didn’t go to meet the Lord the way he described in this video clip. The language is strong and, despite the title, it is not comical. The human heart is in open rebellion against God and this is a sobering reminder to us of the world’s spiritual blindness. People need to hear the gospel. We press on.




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    Derek J. Brent

    well said sir. It saddens me when I see so-called Christians who are celebrating the death of Christopher or any other well-known Atheist. It is not the way of Christ to dance on the grave of an enemy, and it shames and embarrasses the rest of us. I applaud your post, and wish I could re-post this, because it says what I would want to say.

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