Blog Posts of The Week!

Blog Posts of The Week!

Here are some of the more interesting blogs (to me anyway) that I have found recently. Can I just reiterate that just because I am posting them does not necessarily mean that I agree with everything written or stated. I like to put up things that provoke at least some thought and discussion. I also like to put up some fun stuff. So, to those of you who complain about the flippant nature of some of the stuff on this site, GET A LIFE OR GO & READ SOMETHING ELSE. Check out

Anyway here are some of my favs this week:

1. A little article here from Ed Stetzer seeking to clarify the term ‘missional’ and how it is being used in Christian circles today.

2. A really simple little blog here from Justin Buzzard on the issue of our children and our money. I just loved the sentiment behind it.

3. Was Jesus a Calvinist? Find out here.

4. The Tripp meister strikes again with this immensely helpful blog here on the topic of depression and the ministry. This is part 1 of the 5 that are now available in this series.