Who Should Plant a Church?

Who Should Plant a Church?

Brent Foulke’s has written a short article here discussing this question. I would add one significant point, particularly for those planting and wanting to plant in housing schemes: perseverance. This ministry is a slow burn and the fruit can grow awfully slowly. We are in a season of fruitfulness in Niddrie right now but for a couple of years we went through a time when we weren’t seeing anybody saved. I am sure we will go through dry times on the future but we just have to push on preaching the same gospel faithfully and trusting in God’s providence. That’s why people who have a real spirit of perseverance are necessary for this ministry.


    Colin Garnett

    Mez, it’s Colin, nice one mate, you’ve no idea how these clips and snippets are helping me personally. I am currently in a Culturally Protestant bible belt type of mind-set (Afrikaans) and having to settle for a middle class Methodist Church for ourselves, The kids get a really good Sunday School, but Dee and I are left a little thirsty. We are edging towards buying a piece of land where Bethesda can carry on as a rehab, and fund the building of a Sport’s Hall where I can then get the local coloured communities in for various sports and then build towards turning it into a Church plant.

    Love to all.

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