Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!!

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!!

Desiring God have produced a great article here on “Sexual Sin in the ministry”. Read it here.

On a related issue, Covenant Eyes have produced a free e-book for those struggling with pornography. Download it here.

In our ministry in Niddrie there are so many people (men and women) who struggle with this issue. This is why we place such an emphasis on one to one discipleship, mentoring and gospel coaching. People need to develop relationships and friendships in which they can feel free to be vulnerable and open about their issues, without fear of judgement, but with certainty of spiritual challenge and, if necessary, discipline.

The church cannot afford to be squeamish or to beat about the bush with these issues. We must face them head on and seek to bring biblical truth to bear. Thankfully, we are a church where, generally, most people (Niddrie ones) are open and honest about their ongoing battles. It is the middle class, so-called respectable ones, that hide behind a veneer of spirituality. More often than not they are the ones who complain about high accountability or don’t like our one to one system, largely (I believe) because they have dark and hidden sins that they don’t want to come to the fore.

Pray for us as we minister in this place with a wide variety of sexual deviancy, both open and hidden.

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    Robert Briggs

    There is no doubt that the issue of porn addiction is a pandemic problem in both our culture at large and within the church. We have also developed a policy at IBC where we ask specific and clear questions to young men seeking membership. When we discover they are entangled with the sin of porneia we seek to move them into a one to one context in order to teach them mortification of sin. It is always a glorious thing to see them make progress from their miserable entanglement to liberty and a zeal to fight against this sin. In our sex mad culture we must not be afraid to address it head on. If we fail to we are denying the power of the gospel to deliver and we will have men in our churches who are sidelined and useless. Christ saves us from our sins, He does not leave us in our sins !

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