For & Against Calvinism

For & Against Calvinism

Ed Stetzer has been researching the (so-called) rise of Calvinism in the USA and has come up with some interesting results, namely that his figures don’t actually bear it out! There is little doubt that there is a rise in the interest in the topic in the blogosphere but that is not translating to widespread growth. Here is an interesting video of ed chairing a debate between two theological heavyweights: Roger Olson and Michael Horton, one an Arminian and the other a Calvinist.

Michael Horton’s book, “For Calvinism” can be bought here.

Roger Olson’s book, “Against Calvinism” can be bought here.

As Roger Olson says, “Before you say you disagree, you must first say you understand.” I have great friends on both sides of the debate (and many who have no clue at all). Nevertheless, it is nice to see a decent debate on the issues and not be blinded by personal prejudice and lampooning of each other. Enjoy!