'Michael Horton' Tagged Posts

'Michael Horton' Tagged Posts

Should You Pray For God To Save Your Loved Ones?

There has been a good series of debates recently on the White Horse Inn Website concerning the nuts and bolts of Calvinism and Arminianism. It is good to see robust and mutually respecting discussion on these issues instead of the usual polemics and misrepresentation around these issues from both…

5 Myths About Reformed Theology

There is a good article by Michael Horton here. On a side issue: Speaking as a  Calvinist can I say that in my experience in the UK we are a miserable breed. Some of my closest friends are Arminians and they are smart, savvy, warm and winsome in their approach to life. We can learn a lot from one another once we ease off on the polemics.

For & Against Calvinism

Ed Stetzer has been researching the (so-called) rise of Calvinism in the USA and has come up with some interesting results, namely that his figures don’t actually bear it out! There is little doubt that there is a rise in the interest in the topic in the blogosphere but that is not translating to widespread growth. Here is an interesting video of ed chairing a…

Systematic Theology

I recently bought Michael Horton’s new book – a bit of a monster weighing in at about 1000 pages. As usual it has its fans and its detractors. Both sides using large, multisyllabic words to say ‘it sucks’ or ‘its worth a read’. I read an interesting review here. I will review it at a later date in bite sized chunks as I am just about to…