Creation Concerns

Creation Concerns

1. Interesting stuff here from Challies assessing Al Mohler’s presentation of why he is a literal, 6 day creationist.

2. Should Christians embrace evolution? Book review here, again from Challies.

3. Here is John Sailhamer’s position, held by John Piper amongst others.

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    Steve Utley

    What! No comments yet?

    All you pastors are sitting on the fence again not wanting to ‘come out’ to your congregations I guess!!

    I Had a brief look at Sailhamer’s ‘Historical Creationism’ which I will read in full later (I have a good film I need to take back to Blockbusters tomorrow.)

    Again, I ask myself “why do we need a new ‘hypothesis’?” and I guess it comes back to one reason as far as I can see. Accommodation. The progressive creationists tinkered with the word ‘Day’ in Genesis 1 to get to there millions of years. Now Sailhamer is tinkering with the word ‘Beginning’ to get them.

    You can’t get away from the straight forward rendering of Genesis 1 unless you either tinker or insert, but why do it? So that we can accommodate CURRENT scientific, mainstream, popular thinking and that’s the problem. There are many scientist who vary from the norm, but there is a popular bandwidth of ‘scientific’ opinion that is fed to the nation via Auntie and the text-book that you are not allowed to be at odds with.

    If God meant something different than what he had written in Genesis 1 about the beginning of all things, then I am willing to take the rap for that when I stand before Him. I am not however, prepared to take the rap for elevating some chimp-brained professor above the Word of God or twisting Scripture to make it fit with the latest Atheistic-anti-Christian-pseudo-scientific fad.

    If that makes me some religious idiot, so be it. I’m happy with that.

    So there.

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