Could This Be The Best Conference For Church Planters in the World?

Could This Be The Best Conference For Church Planters in the World?

OK. So, I maybe exaggerated a little bit, but I bet you it is still going to be a great conference!

In a recent British poll of people claiming to be ‘Christian’, less than half believed that Jesus rose from the dead. One study suggested that Christianity will be statistically irrelevant in countries like the Netherlands & Switzerland within a few decades. Germany has seen a year-on-year decline in Christianity over the last 25 years yet Islam has grown. In France mediums, faith healers and fortune-tellers earn as much money as medical doctors.

The conference will look at what it means to be followers of Christ in such a context.

Acts 4:12 says “There is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved”. This exclusive claim is seen as arrogance today.

So how can we speak of Jesus with conviction in a world that either ignores him or sees him as simply one among a range of (in)significant figures?

How do we live and speak in a way that demonstrates that Jesus is the Saviour of all?

How can we plant churches which are not sectarian or homogenous in religiously and culturally diverse communities?

Anyone who wants to be a faithful gospel minister, whether it’s being a good neighbour or planting churches, will be encouraged, challenged, refreshed & resourced.

Breakout topics will include Reaching our Muslim Neighbours, Ministry in the Hard Places and The Rural Planter.

Speakers include:

  • J D Greear, Lead Pastor The Summit Church, Durham, North Carolina
  • Mike Cosper, Pastor of Worship & Arts, Sojourn, Louisville
  • Steve Timmis, Director Acts29 Western Europe

I will be doing one of the breakout sessions on planting in the hard places but Steve Timmis is worth the entry fee alone. I don’t know the other dudes – I am sure they’re OK 🙂

Book soon. I am going with my Pastoral Assistant and if anybody else from Edinburgh is interested in going let me know and we can travel down together. Please click here to go straight to booking.