'Worship' Tagged Posts

'Worship' Tagged Posts

A Foretaste Of Heaven In 57 Seconds

This is an older video but I have to say that when I was at the 2012 event it was incredible to be in a stadium with 9000 (mainly) men and women singing hymns to the glory of God. It was an amazingly powerful and emotional experience. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eSYSa8mm10&feature=youtu.be] Bob Kauflin makes some interesting points about worship at the…

What Are We Really Teaching Our Children About God & The Church?

I saw this video ages ago and I may have even posted it before but I am still deeply challenged in many different ways every time I watch it. How little we really know about the people we sit next to in our churches each week. May God help each of us to live lives that are more transparent,…

Don’t Just Sing About It! Start Worshipping God Today & Everyday!

By Andy Constable Recently, I have been doing a series in the evenings on the subject of Biblical Worship. It is an important subject to think about in a culture where worship is simply seen as what we sing on a Sunday and/or, perhaps, connected with having an emotional experience. Because of the…
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