'The Resurgence' Tagged Posts

'The Resurgence' Tagged Posts

You Were Predestined To Read This (Or You May Choose Not To)!

Today is a bit of a Reformed doctrine day. I do this from time to time if I find some interesting articles. Church planting requires some theological thought and reflection, as well as an appreciation for church history (even if we don’t agree with some of it). I felt like it was predestined…

5 Myths About Reformed Theology

There is a good article by Michael Horton here. On a side issue: Speaking as a  Calvinist can I say that in my experience in the UK we are a miserable breed. Some of my closest friends are Arminians and they are smart, savvy, warm and winsome in their approach to life. We can learn a lot from one another once we ease off on the polemics.

Killing Sin Before It Kills You!

“He that trades sensuality for Pharisaism has not mortified sin… He has changed his master, but he is a servant still.” (John Owen) [vimeo http://vimeo.com/43983757] The Resurgence website has a 12 page analytical survey of John Owen’s position on the mortification of sin and can be downloaded in pdf here.

Driscoll on Why Jesus Created Sex

Mark Driscoll has hit the headlines in the UK again. The difference now is that the secular media have picked up on his ministry and his so-called ‘controversial’ new book. See the report from The Mail here. I have to warn you that this Newspaper (if I can call it that) does not exactly have a reputation for fair and balanced reporting! Regardless, they have…

Let’s Talk About Sex!

Every pastor I know has a story to tell of somebody they know and/or knew in the ministry who has fallen foul of sexual infidelity or some sort of deep seated, habitual sexual sin. I have been a pastor for 13 years and I can tell you from personal experience that I am counselling more men than ever before on pornography issues. Many of us in ministry will read that last…