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'Gospel Coalition' Tagged Posts

The Gospel is More Than a Story

“Christian faith is not primarily about arguing over right beliefs and doctrines, it is about letting the story of God’s grace become our story and shape our lives.” I am sure many of us (who read at least) have heard/read some version of that in recent years. “Storying” is very much in vogue in Evangelical circles right now. There is an…

Coping With Terminal Illness

This is an extremely emotive topic and anybody who has been in ministry for a length of time will have faced this particularly painful scenario. I have dealt with several sudden deaths in Niddrie, from overdoses to accidents, young and old. It is a brutal reminder of our mortality and the preciousness of life. Families are left, often bereft, with many questions and the…

Christian Men: Take Up Your Cross in Housing Schemes!

by Andy Constable One of the biggest problems in schemes across Scotland is the breakdown of male leadership. We have many young men without role models. We have lots of men living off the state to provide for their income instead of working. We have many men being bossed around by their…
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