Showcasing Niddrie Community Church

Showcasing Niddrie Community Church

For the past 10 days, I’ve been putting together this short video that showcases some of the work of Niddrie Community Church. It includes:

  1. What Niddrie’s like
  2. What the church is doing
  3. How the gospel is impacting lives
  4. What our plans are for the future
It’s 5½ minutes long. I’m pretty sick of the video by now, but I hope you enjoy it!


    Robert Briggs

    Great video Mez, really encouraging to me to see what the Lord is doing through the gospel there in Niddrie ! I am delighted to see vision for other areas of the city, what are the plans for training men to go into those areas ?

    Hugh Henderson

    Mez, Just had a look at the short video showcasing the work of the Church in Niddrie. This is an excellent presentation and a real inspiration to all of us who are seeking to take the Gospel out into the community/world!

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