Introducing Niddrie’s New Assistant Pastor

Introducing Niddrie’s New Assistant Pastor

We had a great service at Niddrie last week with the induction of four elders, including Andy Constable, as our Assistant Pastor. Our elders each have different responsibilities.

  1. Derek Laidlaw is the elder responsible for members care.
  2. Craig Beattie is the elder responsible for member care.
  3. Marc Surtees is the chair of the elders and responsible for administration. He also has oversight of our teaching material and oversees, with Mez, our 20Schemes project.
  4. Andy Constable is responsible for the leadership of our Ministry team.
  5. I am responsible for the overall preaching/teaching ministry of the church, the pastoral oversight of the elders, the training and development of young leaders and the missionary support and development of our 20Schemes project (as a church we are/will be supporting church planters in England, India & Brasil).

Here is a clip from Andy’s induction in which he shares how he arrived at Niddrie.


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    Robert Briggs

    Truly great stuff…..good theological training, sold discipleship, robust ecclesiology……very encouraging to hear Andy….and Debbie, my wife said the same, did not want to marry a pastor, I told her that is fine, just marry me and let me do the pastoring….! Press on brothers !

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