I Don’t believe that MY God would……

I Don’t believe that MY God would……

This is a thoughtful little clip which should give us all pause for thought. I sat in a room this week and the conversation moved to ‘women pastors’ ‘homosexuals; ‘hell’ ‘the truthfulness of the Bible’. Nearly every person involved used the phrase ‘I don’t believe that my God would…’ Like that was the trump card in the debate. Scripture was woefully misquoted (its been tampered with, was one view) and Paul was ‘a misogynist’.

A couple of us tried to bring scripture to bear but we got the usual hostile treatment. I quickly departed, having learned long ago that if the foundation of our debate is not the complete inerrancy of the Bible, then  ‘truth quickly descends into ‘feelings’. God is the God of His Holy Word. He is not MY God. I am HIS creation. The distinction has devastating consequences if not appreciated correctly.

It is laughable (in a depressing way) for the clay to attempt to mould the potter into its image but often that’s what many of us do when we hit up against a biblical doctrine that is ‘distasteful’ to our finite minds.

THE God that I am COMMANDED to worship is far bigger than MY puny mind. That’s why I am thankful that the world is ordered to HIS design and moves according to HIS plans.