What makes a good church planter?

What makes a good church planter?

There are lots of church planting ‘agencies’ and ‘movements’ around at the moment. It seems to be in vogue like never before – or perhaps I am only just noticing it! Regardless, there seems to be endless views on how we assess church planters and what type of person would be ‘successful’ in this type of ministry. One such process is known as the Ridley Assessment and seems to be favoured by many denominations across the pond. According to Ridley, successful church planters share 13 behavioural characteristics:

1. Visionizing Capacity. The ability to imagine the future, persuade others to follow the dream , and to bring it into reality.

2. Intrinsically Motivated. A self starter, committed to hard graft and singularly determined.

3. Creates Ownership of the Ministry. Instills in others a sense of responsibility for the growth and development of the ministry and trains leaders to reproduce other leaders.

4. Relates to the Unchurched. develops rapport and breaks down barriers with unchurched people, leading them to Christ and encouraging them to reproduce this.

5. Spousal Cooperation. A marriage in which both parties agree on ministry priorities, each person’s role in the work, and balances home life and family responsibilities.

6. Effectively Builds Relationships. Takes the initiative in meeting people and deepening relationships as the ministry builds.

7. Committed to Church Growth. Values congregational development both spiritually and numerically.

8. Responsiveness to the Community. Able to adapt one’s ministry to the culture and needs of the target area.

9. Uses the giftedness of others. Equips and releases others to serve.

10. Flexible and Adaptable. Can adjust to change, shift priorities when needed, handle multiple tasks and cope with surprises and emergencies.

11. Builds Group Cohesiveness. Manages teams and able to lead them toward the same vision whilst coping with divisiveness and other issues.

12. Demonstrates Resilience. Able to persevere in the face of problems, difficulties, discouragements, attacks and failures.

13. Exercises Faith. Translates personal convictions into decisions and actions.

Can anybody add to this list?