What is the Church Actually For?

What is the Church Actually For?

Phillip Jensen gives his opinion here. I will say straight off the bat that I am not certain that I agree with some of his conclusions (or presuppositions) in this piece – but it gets the ol’ juices flowing at least!

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    The entire thesis is wrapped up with the OT assembly being the (only) interpretive key for “ekklessia” in the NT. Very reductionistic. What would help more than just doing a random word study and finding an OT corollary would be to see how “ekklessia” is used by the apostles and writers of the NT. While the word is a fairly ordinary, mundane word used for gatherings it seems clear to me that the NT writers vest this plain word with a whole lot of new significance. Any failure to track with that will leave you with a very reductionistic ecclesiology. Alas, I have this conversation often with my Sydney-influenced friends without much progress ever being made.

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