What Are We Doing While Young Men Die?

What Are We Doing While Young Men Die?

Inner cities are little war zones in which bloody wars are fought. Gangs of young men stab and shoot each other ‘on sight’ for straying into the wrong postcode. The rest of us cross these front lines every day without knowing it – but if you’re a young man from, in this case, the Jamaican community in Birmingham you are in mortal danger whether you are armed or affiliated or not. Most of these killings and stabbings don’t even make the local news. One Mile Away tells the human side of gang violence, of people who are both perpetrators and victims. These are issues that are hard to understand and seem impossible to resolve.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/47313289]

Thanks to a blog follower who sent me this video. Their church was involved with some of these young men but have run short of volunteers and gospel outreach workers. They are desperate to restart a ministry but need people willing to go. We need a church revolution in our country. We need to be planting churches right where this is happening. Young men in our nation are giving up their lives over a postcode. We need men and women ready to sacrifice their comfortable, safe lives for the Lord Jesus. We need to be bringing good news to estates like this. We need to be proclaiming the only true, lasting peace for the world. Who will go?


    Angele Ballentine

    I lived in “war zones”. Familial as well as drug war territories. I still kind of do because I live in the “triangle” area. They call it that because of the location of the bars, although there’s alot more than three close by. My first reaction is “Yeah!! I’d go back and share the gospel! You bet! But I have to ask myself, “Would you really?” Just today I had to go out and about into the cruel world I used to run in and it’s amazing who you see that you know, the thoughts that you have about them, where your new heart of flesh strays to…maybe young Christians can’t get too much discipleship….especially in the ghetto. But then again, maybe I lack faith in the Spirit! Because He always gives more grace!

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