The Hard Corp

The Hard Corp

Anybody else remember the days when book launches were sedate things done in coffee houses and maybe a quick plug from the pulpit?  Not these days my friends! Here is the launch video of a book written by Dai Hankey, a friend of mine who is church planting in one of the toughest estates in Wales.  It look suspiciously like a Scene from, ‘Saving Private Ryan’. You can follow his blog, ‘Sanctified Rant’ here. He has written this helpful little book for young men as they face the trials and temptations of modern day life. Enjoy and pick up a copy from the Good Book Company!


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    david bartosik

    great point dude! Crazy to see the change. i think it hit me when I went to a $1 bin at a local christian book store and I found a clean copy of Richard Fosters Celebration of the Disciplines. This guys life work- great book- sold for a buck. There seems to be so much information out there and countless books already on titles that are getting rolled out…but I keep buying them 🙂

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