Taking the risk with your neighbours



    Hi Mez,
    Thanks for your kind comments! Regarding People of Peace (PoP), we take that from Luke 10, when Jesus sends out the 72 and tells them to look for the ‘man of peace’ (v.6) – ie someone who welcomes them, serves them and who they are to intentionally invest in relationally. This principle is played out further on in Acts, eg Cornelius in ch.10 and both Lydia and the jailor in Acts 16. In all those cases you see one of the key hallmarks of a PoP – they act as a gatekeeper for the message of Jesus into their community. Anyway, we’ve seen this play out SO many times in our own lives and in the lives of the churches we’ve been part of, it is a great way of empowering everyone to realize that they can be witnesses (because it is about following relational favour, rather than asking people to witness to the meanest toughest person who doesn’t like them!). If you want to read more, I’ve blogged around it a few times, just hit the PoP heading on the front page of the blog.
    Excited to see you doing great things in Niddrie – I know exactly where you are (we have relatives just a couple of miles away) and how important the presence of the church is there. God bless you!


    Thanks Alex
    I maybe should have picked my words more carefully. I did not mean to suggest that it wasn’t a biblical phraseology. I was more suggesting that I am not sure I would build a theological practice out of it. That being said, it was not a deep critique of your article per se, because I appreciated it (hence the re-posting). I will definitely take some time to read what you’ve written about PoP and I will get back to you. Likewise, I appreciate your blog and ministry – big love!

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