'CJ Mahaney' Tagged Posts

'CJ Mahaney' Tagged Posts

Reformed Rapping & Catechisms!

Right, here is one more post on rap! I know, I know. But I found this clip online and I was just immensely impressed by it. I also discovered a website called, ‘Reformed Rappers’ with some great articles including one, unbelievably, on the subject of the regulative principle. It’s worth a look around even if rap is not your thing. How cool is the…

T4G Conference 2012: When We Feel Like Giving Up (6)

“The Temptation to Lose Heart” Speaker: CJ Mahaney Text: 2 Corinthians 4 Title: The Sustaining Power of the Gospel I always find CJ to be an immensely pastoral type speaker (with a tendency to wander off the beaten track from time to time!) and this message was no different. His basic…

Coping With Terminal Illness

This is an extremely emotive topic and anybody who has been in ministry for a length of time will have faced this particularly painful scenario. I have dealt with several sudden deaths in Niddrie, from overdoses to accidents, young and old. It is a brutal reminder of our mortality and the preciousness of life. Families are left, often bereft, with many questions and the…

Responses to CJ Mahaney’s Standing Down

Please refer to a link here which provides a counterbalance to the news reported by SGM regarding CJ Mahaney. I would like to distance myself completely from some of the comments made on the site by childish individuals but some some interesting points are raised by this group in the US. Still hoping and praying for a Godly resolution to events.