Steve Timmis: The Mission

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    Matthew Scott

    Hi Mez, my name is Matthew, I came through the Teenchallange program just out side Aberdeen. Jesus saved me from my life of sin and self, I was a drug addict for almost eighteen years. I moved up to a place called Dingwall just out side Inverness to study theology, I’ve been studying for three and a half years and I hope to finish my degree in theology over the next year and a half. I though you would like to read some books on mission, I am doing a module on Biblical Theology of Mission. A guy called David Bosch, Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost. O by the way am getting married in four month. God is faithful my fiancées name is Naomi, she is half Scottish half Japanese. We run a youth cafe up here and we hoping to reach out more. Can you give me some tips on practical mission? The testimonies on line are great. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards Matthew and Naomi

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