Secular songs on Sundays: Right or Wrong?

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    Steve Utley

    U2, Coldplay and Travis songs are OK, but Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Plan B . . . No, no, no . .

    What a joke . . . it’s the post-modern practice of separtating the songs from their original authorship and meaning and trying to superimpose any meaning onto them.

    If you want to make ‘seekers’ that comfortable, take them down the pub. Presumabley if they are seeking, they are not seeking what they already have but something different.

    If we are going to sing, sing them something that was penned from a redeemed, grateful, thankful, worshipping heart, not the top 20.

    Unless Delerious ever get there again.

    Which they won’t now they have stopped.

    In my humble oppinion of course

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