Mark’s Testimony: A Liar & A Thief Saved By Grace


    Angele Ballentine

    Dear Mark,

    The Lord put it in my heart to pray for you and the other brothers at Ramsay House ever since I read Mez’s blog with your gentleman’s prayer request. I am very moved by your testimony. I’d like to share this with you:

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    I pray for our brother, Mark, that you continue to heal him from the methadone just as you did me. I pray you give him Divine miraculous healing and reveal your healing power to him. I pray you reveal your nature, your character and your love for Him in a special way and let him know that NOTHING can pluck him from your hands.

    Please Lord, help us to accept your grace you lavishly supply us with. To know the length and depth, height and width of your love for us, and to revel in our adoption into your Royal family.

    Lord, please help all of us saints to grow in our love for you, in our dependence on you, and our faith in you. I pray we all learn to call on your infinite Power for all of the worldly distractions that pull us away from righteousness and our focus on Christ. Lord, please help us to know the importance and the fruit of keeping the Gospel central in our hearts and lives each and every day.

    Lord Jesus, we love you, we praise you, we need you. We THANK YOU so much that you chose us before the foundations of the world. Help all of us saints to hunger and thirst for righteousness, your Holy word, and to perservere when we are weary; to put off our old man in order to become salt and light in the world. We never knew we could have it so good, God.

    Lord that was alot of requests, saying give us, give us, give us…but Lord, we feel fragile-because we are without you. Lord, love all us young believers in a special way that we might know your everlasting faithfulness to those of us you call sons.

    Please show us all the beauty in sanctification. :- )

    In Christ’s name, Amen.

    Angele Ballentine

    God, I forgot to ask that you provide opportunities to serve you and know that all of our pain can and will be used for good.

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