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    “It has been pointed out, and I think it is quite interesting and significant, that this book by Jansen in some ways is best summarized by the five points of Calvinism, which Dutch theologians had produced about 20 years before Jansen wrote his book. Jansen and the Jansenists would always deny vehemently that they were Calvinists. But as soon as they had denied that and started saying what they did believe, they sure sounded like Calvinists.” (From the pdf on Blaise Pascal form this site). Would you say that some of these resources have a pro-Calvinist slant? Personally, I’d take this piece with a pinch of salt. Both from the register “they sure sounded like Calvinists” and the broad equation of Jansenism and Calvinism. These sorts of things don’t give me huge confidence in the piece. I guess, to an extent, its just like any secondary source – needs to be properly evaluated. But this pdf seems a little less balanced than you might expect from a good church history book, even one written clearly from within a particular tradition. I don’t know, what do you think? Did you post this link mostly for its access to the primary sources?


      Hi Paul
      Thanks for the input. As with all links I post on this site, there are things with which I disagree and those I fully endorse. I can’t say I have read the Hansen material so I can’t intelligently comment. I posted it largely because it cites root sources but also because of it’s Puritan material. I won’t lose too much sleep over any Calvinist bias seeing as I have one of those myself!

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