The Importance of Training Leaders

by Andy Constable When I wanted to start working in ‘poorer’ areas I genuinely thought that it would be a case of going in, sharing the gospel, praying and everything would change. Although these are the fundamentals of any gospel work I was naive about the culture, the work of the local church and the […]

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It’s in the details!

By Andy Constable I hate thinking about details. I love thinking about the vision and the concepts but not how we are going to get there. I’m the worst person in the world to organise events because I can envision what I want to happen but am rubbish at thinking about the plan. The leadership […]

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God The Source of all Good

O LORD God, who inhabitest eternity, Thy heavens declare thy glory, The earth thy riches, The universe is thy temple; Thy presence fills immensity, Yet thou hast of thy pleasure created life, and communicated happiness; Thou hast made me what I am, and given me what I have; In thee I live and move and […]

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