Preaching (Page 10)

Preaching (Page 10)

Seeking Pastoral Leadership

A very helpful article here for those beginning to investigate whether pastoral ministry is for them. Some very helpful tips, particularly in relationship to gaining hands on experience in local churches. We should take every opportunity we can to serve and to preach. We run a preaching feedback system here in Niddrie which I hope most of our preachers find helpful.

Preaching & Preparation

An interview here with Mark Driscoll on how he prepares sermons. There’s a Q & A at the end as well which is quite insightful. Interestingly, he says he gets his application and illustrations ‘on the hoof’ or ‘as the Spirit leads’ (Christian speak). To be fair, he does say that it is not a practice he recommends for other preachers. My…

Preaching With Passion

Preaching is back in vogue again (at least in certain circles). I remember a college lecturer from 10 years ago telling me that the time of ‘expository preaching’ was at an end and ‘thematic narratives’ would usher in a new era of pulpit ministry within the church. Sounds a bit like a strap line for a sort of preaching ‘Lord of the…