Doctrine & Theology (Page 4)

Doctrine & Theology (Page 4)

Should You Pray For God To Save Your Loved Ones?

There has been a good series of debates recently on the White Horse Inn Website concerning the nuts and bolts of Calvinism and Arminianism. It is good to see robust and mutually respecting discussion on these issues instead of the usual polemics and misrepresentation around these issues from both…

5 Myths About Reformed Theology

There is a good article by Michael Horton here. On a side issue: Speaking as a  Calvinist can I say that in my experience in the UK we are a miserable breed. Some of my closest friends are Arminians and they are smart, savvy, warm and winsome in their approach to life. We can learn a lot from one another once we ease off on the polemics.

Communion: Rome v Reformed?

This is always an interesting area of debate, particularly in such a staunch Catholic stronghold such as ours in Niddrie. People may not go to church but they do hold on to their Catholicism. One topic that there tends to be a lot of confusion around is communion. There is an informative article here on some of the main points of difference. Consider the following…

The Meaning of Marriage

I have had this book on the shelf for some time and recently got around to completing it. I was in NY when Tim and Kathy Keller were doing the promo work for the book. A certain Mark Driscoll was gaining headlines at the same time for his book on marriage but for altogether different reasons! The first thing I would say about any book on marriage is that I feel a sense of…

Killing Sin Before It Kills You!

“He that trades sensuality for Pharisaism has not mortified sin… He has changed his master, but he is a servant still.” (John Owen) [vimeo] The Resurgence website has a 12 page analytical survey of John Owen’s position on the mortification of sin and can be downloaded in pdf here.