All the 2012 Bible reading plans you could ever wish for (and then some)!

All the 2012 Bible reading plans you could ever wish for (and then some)!

It’s that time of the year when everybody is posting a whole gamut of Bible reading plans online. I have listed some of my favourite ones below.

1. CrossWay offer a comprehensive list of plans here. They also offer a couple of interesting articles on how to prioritise what books we read. Their 6 point guide is definitely worth a peek here.

2. Trevin Wax, as usual, has some brilliant material on his website here. He has a great link to reading the Bible as a Story approach to devotions.

3. My favourite site is eBible and you can check out their comprehensive range of devotionals here. On this site you can find a whole range of flexible Bible devotionals from 30 days through to 3 years and from one book through to all 66 books. A brilliant resource and a must see.

4.Over at the Honest Bible website, Stephen Murray is going to go through the Bible in a year and record his thoughts as he goes along. It might be worth following for a bit more interaction through the tough days. Check out his site here.

4. Tim Chester has something called, ‘The Edge Network Devotional Plan’ (posted in 2008). It is designed to be a communal plan which has a more felxible approach. You can see it for your self here.

5. Challies is taking up the 3650 challenge and has opened a facebook page dedicated to this plan. The aim is to try and read 3650 chapters of the Bible in 2012. He is following something called ‘Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan’ with the aim of reading 10 chapters a day. I am personally going to try this plan and hope that I don’t get swamped by it. The good thing about this plan is that I have downloaded ‘BibleMarks’ for my iPhone 4s (just saying) which allows me to read and bookmark this reading plan everyday. It is very simple and usable even for a technomuppet like myself. See here for more details.

6. The Ligonier website has a huge list of plans on offer as well. You can check it out here. A particularly interesting one is the 5x5x5 plan which operates Monday-Friday and allows for more flexibility on the weekends. All of their plans can be downloaded onto PDF’s.

Right, that’s your lot. Happy hunting. I know it’s a bit of a bandwagon but it’s not the worst one to jump on is it? I would encourage all of us to be reading our Bible’s more this coming year but, as usual, can I offer just one little caveat. Please, please, please do not use these things as a rod to beat yourself with should you fail to do the odd day here and there. It is not a competition to see how spiritual we are or a test of orthodoxy or who is a better Christian. It is a discipline and we should prepare for some hard work and slog, but we should prepare to hear God speak to us in amazing ways as our knowledge of Him through His Word grows.

Happy reading in 2012.