Nov 12 – Latest news from Edwin

Nov 12 – Latest news from Edwin

Family and Ministry Update

Dear prayer partner,

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am fine here with my family, Salvina is doing well and fanny studying well, now she is in the year 7 and on 21st November 2012  she will be 13 years of age. And her exams start again from 21st November. Salvina is teaching in a college in order to support the family and at the same time, helping me in the women’s ministry side.

We had a women’s ministry in which 50 women participated and we discussed the roll of the women in the family and Salvina had the opportunity to take the meeting, and later fellowship dinner was served. We thank God for the good response from all the women and I am sure it will bring great impact on the life of women, knowing how to be a role modal for the family biblically.

Our school at Degara village is going well where about 180 children are studying and they are all doing well and learning the bible and Christian songs, and moral teaching from the bible. We thank God that an awareness of God and love of Jesus is being sown in their lives, and children are learning about Jesus. We pray that all these children may come to the knowledge of living God and accept the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives and grow in the fear of the Lord. And another school at ITI village church we have 60 children who are led by Mrs. Rani and Mr. Anil Kumar, and now we have also identified a SLUM where we are conducting a Sunday school for the SLUM children too and there are 75 children gathering together.

We want to thank God that we had an outreach program in 9 villages and reached these villages with the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. And distributed Christian literature, gospel leaflets etc. and 31 people responded to the gospel. Now they are in touch with local missionaries and they are regularly visiting and sharing the word of God with them.

Our brother Sarmon Singh and family are going very well and since God’s provision of the Motor bike for him he is able to move more than before and reaching double the amount of people, Glory be to God. And brother Kalicharn one of our missionaries has been helped to open tea shop on the highway where he is able to witness to people and hand out literature to whoever shows an interest.

Please do pray for Mrs. Sangita she is taking interest and now she’s starting to come to the church, pray that she and her husband may come to know the Lord. And do pray also for the salvation of the children as they are learning bible and taking moral teaching which are based on the BIBLE.

Pray specially now as we have 15 children who have no home and they have been identified by us, so pray that God may open the door for them and God’s provision so that we may be able to bring them in and help them, and raise them as Christian children and educate them in our children’s home and bring awareness of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives.

We want to praise God for 5 people who gave their lives to the Lord and accepted the Lord as their personal Saviour, pray that they may grow in the knowledge of the Lord and bring witness to Lord Jesus Christ. And that their family may be able to accept them and they may not face opposition from their families.

Please pray for me and my good health and for my wife SALVINA and Fanny and pray for God’s provision for our living,

NEEDS:  we are in need of a LCD projector for our church and a Van for the children to bring to the Sunday school, and a bore well in our village church, which will cost Rupees 40000/- this Christmas we want to buy some Christmas gift like towel or lunch box etc, please pray for the provision, total children are 315 and each gift would cost approximately rupees 50000/-

We do appreciate your prayers and thank you very much for your standing with us, God bless you and we too continue to pray for you..

Yours in His service.

Edwin Simon
162/3, C.P. Mission Compound

Testimony of Mr. Manoher Singh

My name is Manoher Singh and I come from village chirgaun, District Jhansi-284001, Utter-Pradesh. I come from HINDU back ground. I heard about Good Shepherd School and there I came and I stood against this Christian School and abused the teachers and Christianity and even on one the teacher I threw the stone and I went away again. Another day I came there, I met with Edwin Simon who invited me in the School and talked to me politely and I was wondering why I am abusing and swearing, while they are all showing love to me. At last I question them that I am being so bad to you and why you have invited me inside talking to me so nice.

Then we had an opportunity to share the gospel with Monoher Singh and he did know something about Jesus but never had any idea who Jesus is. As he heard the gospel he shared about his mother who was sick of asthma for the last 10 years and he invited us to pray for his mother in his house, and said to us that if Jesus is God and he raised from the dead then can he heal my mother, I took Mr. Dalip Nayak along with me and we went to pray for his mother in his house and we said that if you believe surely your mother will be healed. After the prayer, we came back to our school and three days later Monoher Singh came back to us asking what I have to do in order to become Christian because now I do believe that Jesus is God, my mother who was sick for last 10 years and now since she been prayed she is absolutely alright and this surely done by the Lord Jesus Christ by whom name you prayed.

We again shared the Love of Jesus with Monoher Singh and then he confessed and invited the Lord Jesus Christ into His life and accepted the Lord as his personal Saviour, now he has been baptized as well and he is part of the fellowship and growing in the Lord. Please do pray for him and his family as well that they too may Know the Lord. Monoher Singh is now a strong believer and keeps growing in the Lord and witnessing about Jesus to his community people. He is age of 28 years.

Now Monoher Singh is sharing with us that his village also must have a church as well, so pray that God may help us to start a house church in his village too.

Glory to be God and praise the lord.