Mar 13 – Latest news from Edwin

Mar 13 – Latest news from Edwin

March 2013 – Family and Ministry Update

Dear prayer partner,

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am fine here with Salvina and Fanny and all my colleagues families and we thank God for all the things what God is doing here and we thank God that as a team we are able to integrate 8 of the young man to the church in the village. And now they are continuing to participate in the bible studies and in the church activities and learning about the Lord.

Salvina continue to help me in the women side and we able to conduct the Teachers Training program for the SUNDAY school teachers and Salvina trained 15 women.

Good Shepherd Ministries School in the village is going fine and last month 20 more children came to the school and now we have got 200 children learning the bible, Christian songs, and moral teaching from the bible; we thank God that an awareness of God and love of Jesus can be seen in their lives and children are learning about Jesus, we pray that all these children may come to a knowledge of the living God and accept Lord Jesus Christ in their lives and grow in the fear of the Lord. And another school at ITI village church we have 60 children who are led by Mrs. Rani and Mr. Anil Kumar and now we have also identified a SLUM where we are conducting Sunday school for the SLUM children too and there are 75 children are gathering together.

We want to thank God that we had an outreach program in 15 villages and reached these villages with the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. And distributed Christian literature, gospel packets etc. and in last three month 157 people responded to the gospel and now they are in touch with local missionaries and they are regularly visiting and sharing the word of God with them.

Our Bro. AJAY Stanley and family going very well and we praise God for the provision of the push bike and now he is able to visit nearby villages and take the gospel to those people there and his wife Sweetie who is a medical nurse is able to go with him and guide and give people medical advice. We thank God that in the Madhya-Pradesh God is using him. Please do pray as God has given piece of land we can can erect a church and have a roof for the worship and the cost of erecting a church would be about 300075/- rupees. We also praise God that we could do boundary work.

Please do pray for Mr. Satish Kumar who accepted the Lord and now coming to the church in village Mod.

Pray specially now as we have 15 children who have no home and they have been identified by us, so pray that God may open the door for them and God’s provision so that we may be able to bring them in and help them and raise them as the Christian children and educate them in our children’s home and bring an awareness of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives. Pray that each child may find a sponsor.

Please do pray for the Sunday school program which going on in different places and Sunday school is taken by GSM Sunday School teachers.

Please pray for me and my good health and for my wife SALVINA and Fanny and pray for the God’s provision for our living.

NEEDS: we are in need of a LCD projector for our church and a van for the children to bring for the Sunday school, and a bore well in our village church, which will cost Rupees 40000/- on last Christmas we want to buy some gift and we thank God that we could raise local support through which we could distribute pens and note books and sweets to all children and children presented some Christian drama skits and songs etc, my daughter FANNY became Father Christmas and no one could find out who it was?

We do appreciate your prayers and thank you very much for your standing with us, God bless you and we too continue to pray for you..

Yours in His service.

Edwin Simon

Testimony of Mr. Satish Kumar

My name is SATISH KUMAR and I come from village mod near chirgaun, District Jhansi-284001, Utter-Pradesh. I come from HINDU back ground. I heard about Good Shepherd church in my village and there I came and I stood outside to know what is all happening and I saw that people are singing and then latter on some stood up and begin to speak some thin and I did not understand anything but at last I went to them and I asked what kind of DRAMA or product you are selling or what company you are representing, brother Sarmon Singh one of our pastor from that village took him aside and shared with him about the Love of Jesus Christ. Satish too a very religious man and he is so devoted to his idol Gods and goddesses he is young man age of 25 years.

Satish show the interest and he took the new testament and said to Sarmon Singh that I am very strong of my religion and I do all ritual but I have no peace in my life and I am sick as well all the time I am suffering of my ulcer (stomach) problem Brother Sermon Singh prayed for him right there and we thank God that he had grace of the Lord on him and he felt relief in himself and as he came gradually he gave his life to the Lord and now he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior and coming to the church regularly. Please do pray for him and his family too may come to know the Lord.

Glory to be God and praise the lord.