Is youth ministry biblical? PART 1

Is youth ministry biblical? PART 1

My name’s Mike Stark, I’m the lead youth worker at Niddrie Community Church. Mez brought this interesting little video to my attention. Here’s the trailer (3 minutes long), which gives you a flavour of the argument. The movie is called ‘Divided’ and was produced in conjunction with The National Centre for Family-Integrated Churches.

The movie’s basic premise is that ‘youth ministry’ has no basis in Scripture, it’s been established on secular philosophy and the ideas of fallen humanity, rather than on the solid and unshakable foundation of God’s Word. So should I be drafting my letter of resignation??


For the time being you can watch the FULL video (about 50 minutes) on their website. I’ve watched it through a couple of times and there are a few points that I’d like to think about and chew over for a day or 2. My plan is to address some of these points in future blog posts.

Until then, I hope you enjoy watching the movie.