Sunday School

Ages: 3–8 years
Day: Sundays
Time: (During Sermon)
Price: Free
Venue: Café Area

Sunday School is for boys and girls aged from 3 to 8, and meets every Sunday during the school term. The children participate in the first part of the service along with the rest of the church, then leave just before the sermon for their own age/stage-appropriate teaching and activities.

Sunday School operates a 4 year rolling curriculum, using TnT Ministries On The Way (3 to 9s) material. During that 4 years, we aim to provide the children with a solid foundation of biblical teaching, with a strong emphasis on the Gospel and God’s plan of salvation throughout.

There is some up-front teaching, with games, crafts, songs and other activities that are designed to reinforce the main point of the lesson. Sunday School is run by a dedicated team of teaching leaders and helpers. We aim for continuity from week to week by having the supporting leader on one week delivering the lesson on the following week. Leaders do 2 weeks back-to-back, then have several weeks off.

We are convinced that a child’s parents/carers (especially Fathers) should take the lead role in bringing their children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). To that end, we try to support the parents/carers by communication well in advance what children will be learning each week. That way, the teaching delivered at Sunday School can be reinforced at home. We do however recognise that this often is not possible, as we regularly have children in Sunday School whose parents/carers are not Christians or attending the church.

For more information about Sunday School, please contact Mike Stark (Lead Children’s and Youth Worker).


More Information about TnT Ministries and On The Way material

TnT encourages leaders to study the Bible for themselves. The chronological approach gives leaders and children an orderly and coherent view of God’s dealings with his people.On The Way for 3–9s aims to teach the key details of the Bible narrative, giving children a firm foundation on which they can later build. The material consists of 14 books which cover the main Bible stories from Genesis to the Acts of the Apostles.

Every story is taught as truth, not myth. Each year the birth of Jesus is taught at Christmas, and the death and resurrection of Jesus taught at Easter. Between Christmas and Easter the syllabus covers aspects of Jesus’ life and teaching, and after Easter there is a short series on the Early Church. The rest of the year is spent looking at the Old Testament stories, covering broad sweeps of Old Testament history. In this way, children and leaders gain an orderly and cohesive view of God’s dealings with his people throughout the Old and New Testaments. It is important that the children understand that the New Testament is the fulfilment of the Old Testament.

Lessons are grouped in a series, each of which is introduced by an overview stating the aim for each week and an appropriate memory verse. Every lesson, in addition to an aim, has study notes to enable the teacher to understand the Bible passage, a brief lesson plan, suggestions for visual aids, and a choice of crafts that the children will be able to complete and take home. It is possible to join the course at any stage in the cycle.

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