About Niddrie (Page 2)

About Niddrie (Page 2)

History of Niddrie

Niddrie Community Church, known locally as ‘the Mission, has had a rich history dating back more than 100 years. Here’s a brief summary…

Niddrie Mission has existed since 1896, being founded by Lady Wauchope. She opened up one of the cottages on the Niddrie Estate for use as a mission.

In the 1950s Niddrie Mission moved to its present location on Hay Drive, and it became part of the Edinburgh City Mission, a Christian organisation that’s been around since 1832, and seeks to reach out to people in Edinburgh, sharing the Christian faith, and helping in other practical ways.

Niddrie Mission began in an effort to help the new mining community springing up in the area after the sale of land on the Wauchope estate.

Charlotte Chapel, a large Edinburgh city centre church, got involved supporting the work in 1996 renaming the Mission Niddrie Community Church. The old building was in a very poor state of repair, but through God’s goodness we raised the £670,000 cost of a new building.  Demolition of the old building took place in January 2005 and the new building was opened in March 2006.

Our current minister, Mez McConnell came to Niddrie in September 2007.

In 2012 NCC became a fully independent church in its own right. Also in 2012, 20schemes, a church planting/revitalisation ministry, was launched.