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Group: The Bike Project
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The Bike Project is a youth work initiative of Niddrie Community Church. It came through the realisation that, for many young people in the area, bicycles are a big part of life. It operates on 2 tracks: mechanics and rides.

Mechanics: We have a fully equipped bike workshop in the church where we can do all sorts of mechanical work on the bikes. 4 church members/staff have completed their bike mechanic qualification (Weldtech Gold).

Rides: We also have a growing fleet mountain bikes, plus all the personal protective equipment necessary to take small groups out on biking excursions. Young people may be able to use their own bikes for these trips (providing they are suitable), or they can use one of our 6 fleet bikes. Rides can be on local routes, setting out from, and returning to the church at Niddrie, or can be to various forestry sites, which are a short minibus journey away. These forestry sites include Glentress and Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders, and Carron Valley near Falkirk.

The Bike Project is available as a resource and point of contact for other youth work agencies and schools in the community. It is also accessible for other members of the community where necessary, not just the youth. Andrew Ellis, one of our church members and youth work volunteers at NCC is responsible for the running of the Bike Project.

For more information, including potential involvement, contact Ellis on 0131 669 9400 or email…


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