Who: Men and women
Day: Wednesday
Time: 2.30pm
Price: Free
Venue: Church café

Recover is a small group that seeks to support people in our community who are battling with a variety of life controlling issues: anything from alcoholism, depression, drug addiction, pornography, anger and bitterness, to even more deadly and damaging addictions like gossip, envy and pride.

Recover is for those who are honest enough to face up to the truth that their lives are in a mess and they need help to find a way out of their present situations.

We meet every Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm to explore what the Bible has to say to us about finding true freedom in our lives. The programme is only open to 8 people at a time and runs for a maximum of 16 weeks. In that period we look at the following subjects:

  • Learning to listen
  • Confession (2)
  • Knowing our stories (2)
  • Going public
  • Knowing the God (2)
  • Following Jesus
  • Having a plan (2)
  • Loving others
  • Responding when things go wrong (2)
  • Keep on hoping

“It’s shown us another side of addiction. Before we would never have given Jesus a second thought but now we’re trying to find the right advice before scoring.”

We teach that, at the heart, all people are addicts. We teach that all addictions can be traced back to bad choices we have made. We teach that true freedom is only found in understanding who we are in relation to God and how we can find forgiveness and peace through faith in Jesus Christ.

“It’s helped me take on the painful truth about my addiction being a choice. It’s helped me take responsibility for my addiction and the choices I have made in life.”

We seek to encourage, mentor and offer ongoing support to all who come to us, whether they stay with the programme or not.

“It helps people to understand about Jesus and how he can help.”

For more information about Recover, please contact Andy Constable (Assistant Pastor).


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