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New Blog Posting on 20 Schemes!

Can I once again thank my loyal supporters for continuing to come to this site and read my articles. However, I have moved over to the 20 schemes site for future reference. My latest article can be referenced here. Thanks

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Is Traditional Preaching Finished As We Know It?

This question seemed to be one of the premises behind a book I read recently, although I am uncertain as to the author’s final answer. Because I haven’t done a book review for a while I thought I would review this one which has been sat in my drafts box for a few months. In […]

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What a Wonderful World (In 16 Musical Genres)!

As you can tell I am using lots of video fillers for the Christmas season. Tomorrow I will start the countdown on my top 3 blog posts of 2012 (statistically). Then, early in the New Year I will be leaving this blog and starting over at However, I will give plenty of notice about […]

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