Sunday Services

We believe it’s important to meet together on a Sunday, the day when we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, to hear God’s Word together, to praise him as a gathering of believers in Niddrie, and to encourage and support one another. We have 2 meetings on a Sunday.

We have a fairly normal Sunday morning service starting at 11am that lasts about 1 hour 15 minutes (for more information, see details of a typical Sunday morning below).

Sunday evenings are usually a mix of interactive Bible study, discussion and social gatherings and start at 5.30pm. Alongside this, we usually meet corporately on the last Sunday evening in the month for prayer and fellowship.

10am Church opens, some begin to arrive, musicians and singers get set up and begin to practice the songs.
10.15am Half-hour prayer meeting in the Prayer Room for those who wish to pray specifically for the service and various other issues.
10.30am Tea and coffee is served from the hatch in the Café. Most members arrive around now, and chat before the service.
10.55am People start to move through to the sports hall for the start of the service. You can take your tea/coffee through with you if you want.
11.00am Morning service starts. Usually one of the Ministry Team or one of the church elders leads the service. We start with notices, and try to get these out of the way early. God’s Word is at the backbone of everything we do, so we will often start with a few verses that focus our minds at the start of the service.

We will usually sing 4 or 5 songs, a mixture of old hymns and decent new songs, led by a group of musicians and singers. There’s always a pianist and a singer, and usually there is a guitarist and drummer. The words for the songs are projected on a screen on the wall. Other than that, we don’t have anything specially sexy – don’t even have a smoke machine or lasers or anything.

Part-way through the service, we have a time of corporate prayer, when we pray together as a church for different things. Some weeks we will have a particular focus, some weeks the prayer time will be left open for anyone to pray who wants to. Other days, specific people are asked to pray out loud for different things. We have a monthly missionary prayer focus on church planting needs in London, Pilton, Brasil, India.

At some point, there is a free-will offering where a bag is passed around the congregation. This is an opportunity for members and regulars to give financially to the work of the church as an important part of our worship. This money goes towards the upkeep of the building and various ministry costs.

Babies and children up to 8 years leave just before the sermon for crèche and Sunday School. The sermon tends to last about 35 minutes, and will usually follow a series: going through a book of the Bible, or covering different topics on the same theme.

The last Sunday of every month is a Communion Sunday, where we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. We actively discourage anyone who is not a Christian from taking the elements of bread and wine (black currant juice), and encourage every Christian to examine themselves before taking part, bringing any unconfessed sin to God for forgiveness.

Services usually last around 1 hour 15 minutes (probably another 15-20 minutes on a Communion Sunday).

12.15ish After the service, there’s always tea, coffee and juice available in the café. On Communion Sundays we have lunch together as a church. Members bring different dishes or desserts, and these are set out for people to help themselves to. Every other Sunday there is lunch served in the café after the service for those that want to participate.


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